Children’s Respite Care

Children’s Respite provides families with a much-needed break and gives their child the opportunity to become more independent and develop meaningful relationships in their community. We will connect you with a qualified caregiver or you may request to have someone screened that you already know.

Respite Caregivers

All caregivers must meet the Ministry of Children and Family Development (MCFD) standards for providing care. Respite is available in your home, in the community or in the home of a caregiver. We believe parents know best what will meet their family’s needs and we strive to deliver our services in alignment with those needs.

Children’s respite services are funded through the Ministry of Children and Family Development.

To be eligible for services, a child must be referred to Community Options by an MCFD Child/Youth with Special Needs Social Worker.

If you are interested in becoming a children’s respite caregiver, please call our office at 250-380-6363.