Accessibility – Feedback

Accommodating Barriers

Community Option’s goal is to have services fully accessible and to advocate for an accessible community. It is important to report barriers that you experience as a person served, as a staff member or as a stakeholder, so that we can address the barriers, try to remove them in a timely manner or advocate for change.

Types of Barriers

  • Architectural:  A physical barrier preventing an individual from accessing services.
  • Attitudinal: Any thoughts or approaches, that can cause an individual to feel uncomfortable or causes problems in seeking/receiving services. Such “attitudes” can include, but are not limited to: disregarding individuals supported input, addressing stigma and preventing access to services.
  • Environmental: A characteristic of the environment, which may compromise service delivery and the benefits of the treatment process.  Such barriers can include but are not limited to: unsafe areas, inappropriate decor, etc.
  • Financial:  A barrier of a (primarily) monetary nature that can prevent an individual from receiving the proper services.
  • Communication: A barrier resulting from difficulties an individual may have in expressing their needs including language preferences.
  • Transportation: A barrier resulting an inability to reach or participate in services due to a lack of or inadequate means of transport.
  • Community Integration: As appropriate, these barriers would interfere with an individual from returning to full participation in their community of choice.
  • Any other identified by individuals supported, employees and stakeholders: Additional issues, obstacles or needs which may interfere with or impede access to service.