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Respite Caregivers

About Respite Caregivers

The demands on a family who has an adult family member with a disability are often challenging. Respite support offers families, and the person served a much-needed break. Respite is also about meaningful relationships that develop between the adult and respite contractor. Often the respite contractor becomes an integral part of the family’s support system.

Community Options is committed to providing quality community-based respite support for adults with disabilities. Respite services are funded and referred through Community Living BC (CLBC), with services being coordinated and contracted through Community Options. Community Options does not maintain a waitlist or apply fees.

Safety, well-being and respect for the individual and their family is paramount and potential respite contractors are carefully screened.

The person served and their respite contractor have the choice of having the respite provided in their own home or the contractor’s home. The hours, days and frequency of support may vary. A respite contractor assumes the usual daily activities that a parent or primary caregiver does. Community Options coordinates respite by recruiting, screening caregivers and providing the payment for service to the respite contractor.

Becoming a Respite Contractor

If you are interested in becoming a respite contractor, please call our office at 250-380-6363 to speak with a Coordinator who will provide you with some basic information and answer any questions you may have. If you prefer, you can also fill in this pre-screening form. Applicants with previous experience and related skills would be an asset.

Respite contractors are not employees of Community Options. They are self-employed and the specific provisions of the relationship with Community Options are laid out in the Contract.

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