Shared Living

Home Sharing is a residential option in which an adult with a developmental disability shares a home with a skilled caregiver who is contracted by Community Options to provide on-going support. It enables adults with developmental disabilities to choose an environment that meets their specific needs and desires. Individuals tend to choose this option because it provides a good balance of support and independence.

Home sharing increases the opportunity for people to establish natural relationships and social connections within their community. Individuals might live with a family, a roommate or a couple. The home share provider can either own or rent the home. In most situations, home sharing involves very close relationships. The people involved share not only their physical spaces, but also their lives. They spend a lot of time together and are actively involved in one another’s daily activities. However, in other situations, the home sharing arrangement is characterized by more independent relationships where people go their own ways and then come together at specific times or for specific purposes.