Our Board

If you are a parent or grandparent of a child with a disability, or a friend, relative, or another community member who is interested in helping us provide support to our families, we welcome your involvement.

Community Options for Children and Families is a unique organization that operates by consensus with Board and Staff interacting to complement and support one another and sharing the ideals and responsibilities of the organization. Our Board is committed to growth, while ensuring all members have a deep personal connection and a sense of caring about people with disabilities and their families. We specifically want members with experience in grant application writing, fundraising, financial management or public relations. A Community Options for Children and Families (COCF) Board member requires skill, diplomacy and flexibility to effectively perform his/her role and must believe in and support the mission and values of the organization.

Accountable to the members of COCF, the Board of Directors is responsible for the fiscal and moral integrity, stability, direction and growth of the organization. Board members and the staff team create policies, develop strategies and maintain organizational standards. Officers of the Board may have additional specific responsibilities.

Board Member duties

The duties of a Board Member include: attending and participating at Board and Committee meetings; ensuring effective planning, resources and sustainability; developing policies (when necessary); hiring and interviewing staff as needed; providing direction to and evaluation of the Executive Director; and representing the organization within the broader community.

If you are interested in serving as a Board Member for Community Options, or would like additional information, please contact our Executive Director, Linden Collette, at 250-380-6363 (ext. 205) orĀ lcollette@cocf.ca.