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Protocol For Personal Care

Respect and dignity are integral to Community Options’ philosophy. It is our goal that this philosophy be reflected in our approach to personal care. Community Options expects our caregivers to view dignity and respect as a priority when assisting with personal care. To foster this approach and to promote safety and protection for both the individual and caregiver, we ask that parents/primary caregivers complete a PROTOCOL for PERSONAL CARE (for any care which requires physical contact) with their children.

Because the protocol (in a booklet form) will reflect your son/daughter’s unique needs with respect to ensuring her/his feelings of comfort, safety, and maximum independence, they will need to participate in establishing the protocol. Part of it speaks to caregivers seeking permission when assisting with any care: this idea may be new and it may take time for your child to understand.

We encourage you to begin this process so your child will be supported in being an active participant in her/his care. We want your child to have a relationship and feel comfortable with a caregiver before personal care happens. Thus, we ask that caregivers spend a significant amount of time with you and your child before providing personal care. We would like several visits to be arranged in whatever way works for everyone involved to be familiar and develop a relationship of trust.

The PROTOCOL for PERSONAL CARE outlines the routine of personal care which must be followed by all caregivers. We ask that you go through the protocol thoroughly with the caregiver to ensure she/he knows exactly what the child is expecting. Approved caregivers with Community Options expect to follow a protocol with regards to personal care or any other type of care your son/daughter requires. They are expected to maintain respect and dignity at all times.

The personal care protocol is one of several safeguards which must be talked about with your caregiver. Please consider all the support needs of your son/daughter which need to be met to ensure safety is maintained and respect and dignity honoured at all times. Go over those safeguards with your caregivers.

Personal Care Protocol booklets for Children or Adults

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