Board and Staff

Our Board of Directors is comprised of family members of people with disabilities, self-advocates and interested community members. Accountable to all Community Options stakeholders, the Board of Directors is responsible for the fiscal integrity, stability, direction and growth of the organization. Board members and the staff team work together to create policies, develop strategies and maintain high organizational standards.


Our current Board of Directors:

Parker Croshaw – President

Shirley Mitrou – Treasurer

Tricia Roche – Director








Kathleen Burton
Executive Director
250-380-6363 Ext. 205

Carla Hyslop
Family Support Groups & Events
250-380-6363 Ext. 210

Karen Kehler
Administrative Support
250-380-6363 Ext. 204

Leslie Korolek
Director of Finance
250-380-6363 Ext. 206

Mary-Lynn Sachowski
Adult Services Coordinator
250-380-6363 Ext. 202

Tabetha Telford
Adult Services Coordinator
250-380-6363 Ext. 200

Georgia Toevs
Adult Services Coordinator
250-380-6363 Ext. 201

Margaret Treleaven
Children's Respite + Family Support
250-380-6363 Ext. 203

Sharie Young
Children’s Respite
250-380-6363 Ext. 207